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Teen Dating Online: Protect Your Child

Today, teens are initiating relationships online to meet new people. Social media is a common way children and teens are communicating with one another. Social media messages are new lover letter and telephone. Instead of waiting for a lover letter or waiting for the phone to ring teens are constantly checking their direct messages and phones to see if their crush has written them or liked on of their posts.

Often teens will chat more online than in person. Most teens find it easier to communication on social media than in person, often they feel less pressure, stress and anxiety. Also, social media is a way for teens to create the “best version” of themselves. Teens needs to make sure they develop strong communication and interpersonal skill in reality and not solely online.

It is very important for teens to use discretion when using social media. Dating online can be a very dangerous thing.

-Talk to your teen about the possible dangers of dating online

-Do not share nude, suggestive or inappropriate pictures, messages or videos they may come back to haunt you. We have all been betrayed do be careful of telling secrets or saying bad things about people. What you say can come back to haunt you if it turns out the your friend can't be trusted

-Make sure you are having a real relationship outside on being online. Spend more time communicating in person than online

What you put online stays online forever even if you delete it. Make sure it is something you are proud of and will be proud of 20 years from now.

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