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Politicians and Social Media

Social media allows politicians to clear up any rumors or misunderstanding. In the past representatives or managers for a politicians or political parties would make a statement on behalf of who they were representing whether it was an individual or group. Now politicians and parties can speak for themselves and their message is deemed as more personal and sincere.

Advocates for social media and big data claim media have always had an influential role in politics and is now even more paramount in the way politics and political campaigns are executed. Advocates claim social media has raised the level of accountability and transparency in politics. Advocates also claim that the role and medium of media and politics constantly changes and evolves over centuries and social media and big data make information more accessible and interactive.

Social media is an interactive way for politicians and civic society to communicate share thoughts and ultimately develop a plan for civic society and have their needs and wants met. Civic society is now actively involved and no longer just completing a ballot in hopes to have their wants and needs met in the future. If civic is society is not happy politicians become aware of it quickly and since they want votes they are going to make certain that their social media followers are content and in high numbers.

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