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Social Media's Influence on Voters

If social media likes prove to be a strong indicator of success in actual elections then it also means that social media helps encourage voter participation. Voter participation is essential to civic mobility and the preservation of democracy. It has also been observed that social media has many young people as followers. It is also believed that the effect social media has on campaigns will increase in the future. One notion that is for certain is social media will definitely be used as a campaign tool and will have to be used in order to be competitive in political elections. It will be interesting to see how political elections will evolve and continue to change with the use of social media.

The internet along with social media and big data will continue to revolutionize politics. But after all that was written in the last 38 pages it is clear that the true influence and power does not come from the internet, social media or big data but rather the people behind the computer screen. Without civic society the internet would not be what it is today. It is not social media and big data that have all the power but the people who participate everyday in life to make a difference, those that want their voice heard and those that bring awareness to issues that are kept a secret. Civic society must never lose sight on the role they play in politics and policy making. They are the ones with the power and they are the ones who set the agendas. They are the ones that vote. They are the ones that politicians are trying to influence. They are the ones that form protest and create change. Civil society must never lose sight of their needs and vision. They must continue to participate as much as they can in society and in politics so that their voice is heard and the changes they dream of become a reality.

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