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Cyberbullying Can Happen to Anyone

At some point in our lives we have all dealt with bullying whether it was on at school, on the job and in your own home. Bullying is not acceptable but it often occurs between human beings. Understand when bullying is becoming a mental, emotional and physical problem. Nobody no matter of age, race, social status or anything else is immune to bullying.

Bullying happens to all of us some more than others. And if its not happening to you make sure you are not inadvertently hurting someone else. Think of your favorite celebrities of people you admire go to their comments section and I am sure you will find some negative comments. If your child is bullying other child talk to them to

If you are being bullied don’t be afraid to speak up.

Parents I would encourage you and your child go to Youtube and watch Jimmy Kimmel celeb read mean tweets as an example to show no matter how smart, rich or famous you are people will always have something to say. This is a great example of cyber bullying.

Watch YouTube Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets

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