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Shadia was born in Chicago and left home at 12 years old for boarding school. She traveled the world and met people from a plethora of backgrounds. She recalls some special moments in her life as seeing the northern lights on a flight to Abu Dhabi, talking about ice cream with Dr. Stephen Hawkin at Cambridge University, stargazing on the lawn of the White House, walking through the streets of Fez, Morocco, hearing the sound of a flower blossom, attending Burning Man and having a cheetah in South Africa purr and rest it's head on her lap. 


Her diverse background and affinity for exploration has allowed her the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and geographic locations such as Dubai, Rome and Washington D.C . Shadia has worked with MSNBC, National Geographic, LEGO, the United States Senate, the European Commissions Horizon 2020 Programme, Northwestern Hospital, the Chicago Board of Trade trading floor, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading floor as well as several Start-Ups and non-profits. She has an MBA in International Finance and a Masters in International Public Affairs.​



Shadia's diverse background and experiences have honed her natural communication skills and ability to engage audiences and develop inspiring content. Shadia has proven throughout her career that the human connection, foresight and keen communication skills are imperative to success and happiness.

       Shadia Sadaqa
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